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 STRYV365 and the Medical College of Wisconsin are studying the effect of the programs on student’s feelings, behavior, relationships, and schoolwork. 

The peak team program and Brain Agents video game aim to develop student resilience (bounce back, grit), kindness, responsibility, trust, and wellness. Students in grades 5-9 in Brown Deer School District, St. Francis School District and Milwaukee Academy of Science, and students in grade 9 at Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy can join. 

Parents/guardians must provide written consent for students to join the study. 

They will do 8-10 minute surveys in October, December, and May. They may volunteer to be in a 45-minute focus groups for grades 5-7, and interviews for grades 8-9. 

If you'd like to participate, please answer the following question by clicking on either the "yes" or "no" button:

Are you a student, or parent of a student at one of the following schools?

Brown Deer School District (grades 5-9)
Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy (grade 9)
Milwaukee Academy of Science (grades 5-9)
St. Francis School District (grades 5-9)
 Please watch this video for more information about the program: