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Peak Team
and Brain Agents Evaluation
John Meurer, MD, MBA, Principal Investigator
Institute for Health & Equity
Medical College of Wisconsin

Research purpose: The purpose of this research project is to identify and describe the social/emotional needs of students in grades 5-9 at 4 schools in Milwaukee and to evaluate the effectiveness of the STYRV365 peak team education and social/emotional support program and the complementary Brain Agents video game. STRYV365 equips youth affected by trauma and adverse experiences with the skills, resilient mindset, and optimism to create the foundation for a successful future.  

Background and significance: More than 2 of 3 children report at least one trauma event by age 16 (https://www.samhsa.gov/child-trauma/understanding-child-trauma).Possible trauma events include the stresses of poverty; racism; death, jail, or substance misuse among family and close friends; and frequent moves.  

Social emotional learning (SEL) is an approach that helps students to better comprehend their emotions, to feel those emotions fully, and to demonstrate empathy for others. These learned behaviors are then used by students to make positive, responsible decisions, to create mindsets to achieve their goals, and to build positive relationships with others. SEL promotes competencies in self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship and decision-making skills. Universal school based SEL programs has short-term outcomes of positive attitudes toward self and others and long-term outcomes of positive behavior, academic success, and mental wellness.  
Top objectives of STRYV365 peak team and Brain Agents
1. Foster resiliency through self-awareness and self-management of attitudes, emotions, and behaviors
2. Act with empathy modeling social awareness
3. Cultivate change through responsible decision-making
4. Establish trust in developing and maintaining relationships
5.  Engage youth to serve others for holistic well-being
 Please watch this video for more information about the program: