they shouldn't face trauma alone.

By age 18, practically every child has experienced trauma.

Trauma is verbal, emotional, sexual and/or physical stress and can take place anywhere — at home, at school, in the neighborhood, and in any relationship.

This is where STRYV365 comes in.

To equip youth with a resilient mindset through trauma-informed programming in education, athletics, and activities

STRYV-ing to eliminate childhood trauma

STRYV365 is a non-profit organization that creates customized non-clinical trauma-informed programming. Our program is designed to foster positive childhood relationships, strengthen interpersonal skills, and increase the ability to be resilient during challenging times.

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Childhood Trauma

Typical childhood traumas are: community or school violence, bullying, conflicts at home, neglect, learning issues, feelings of inadequacy,concerns about health, sexual abuse, issues of sexuality and gender, religious or racial persecution, financial family worries, drug related issues, or some other stressful experience. Trauma can be any of the above, or a combination of them. Whatever the trauma, it can have a profound effect on how your child manages or mismanages his or her life.

JULY 1 - AUGUST 23, 2024

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