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If education is the foundation upon which we build our future, then the past year and COVID-19 has brought the cracks and DIY fixes within K-12 education under a critical light. Yet, recent school district resolutions and budgets are now beginning to put up scaffolding and begin repairing


A recent article by Alan Borsuk in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has refocused the spotlight from being a critical hot seat to showcase building improvements, increased enrollment and growth within charter and private schools across Milwaukee.


One school that Borsuk highlights is Milwaukee Academy of Science, one of our partners, who are proud to see highlighted. We have worked closely with MAS scholars, teachers, leadership and support staff for the past two years. We are proud to see the growth of MAS and happy that word of mouth and positive remarks are being shared and showcased here. Keep up the great work MAS and go NOVAS!

by Paula Schevers-Lumelsky

Manager Of Research & Development

Manager Of Research & Development