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Hello, my name is Dr. Brandon Currie. I am the CEO of STRYV365, an organization working hard to counter the effects of toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences throughout the community.  I graduated from Brown Deer High School and later attended Butler University earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree of Science in School Counseling and Psychology. I served as a school guidance counselor for 10 years in the public-school setting, while earning my Doctoral Degree in Urban Education Studies from Indiana University.  In addition, I was the Head Coach of a Division I Men’s Tennis Team, author of a book titled “Deuce Point,” and founded and operated the West Indy Racquet Club which focuses on serving the community and kids from disadvantaged backgrounds through programming and athletics.

I believe it is vital to build relationships and offer safety to youth in order to combat childhood trauma. I believe in our formula: Visibility + Accessibility = Opportunity, which offers a unique platform for children to build resilience and a chance to accomplish great things in their lives. peak team is a trauma-informed program that teaches youth how to build resilience through positive behaviors and self regulation responses which help them cope with toxic stress and various forms of trauma in their lives. It is our mission to equip youth with a resilient mindset through trauma-informed programming in education, athletics and activities.

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