Program Operations Director

I’ve had the most rewarding 35 years as a non-profit executive working with community stakeholders, federal and local government officials to connect communities with life changing resources for families.  My commitment to serving others and minimizing barriers continues to push me to do more for the underserved.  This career has given me the opportunity to work in some wonderful communities around the southeastern part of the country.  Most of my life has been dedicated to youth development while working for the Boys & Girls Club organizations in Beloit and Milwaukee, WI, Richmond, VA, Gadsden and Birmingham, AL and Albany GA. I am an alumnus of the Stateline Boys & Girls Clubs, Inc.

In 2006, I had an opportunity to join a health system to support health initiatives in rural areas of Alabama, this experience let me know that we have a lot of work to do in making sure individuals and families have equal access to wellness resources. I spent nine years meeting and doing outreach with various communities to launch support for bringing a health care facility to the areas of need.

I am committed to supporting our future and meeting theneeds of today’s youth.  As I transition to another mission at STRYV365.org, I am eager to do more with this amazing organization.  As my journey begins here, join us and make a difference by supporting STRYV365.org with a financial gift.