Hill Moua, also known as Mr. Hill, is a 29-year-old Sacramento resident, who has a passion for working with the youth. He started working with youths in late 2010 as an after-school Instructional Aide and currently as a Program Coordinator for a youth mentoring program through the Non-Profit organization Hmong Youth and Parents United (HYPU). In 2018, he started a passion project called the Sneaker Giveaway Project. To this date, the Sneaker Giveaway Project has collected hundreds of donated sneakers from all over the United States  to support schools in motivating students to do better in and out of the classrooms. Mr. Hill has continuously partnered up with educators, coaches, community members, and other organizations to find ways to reach all ranges of youths in need of motivation, recognition, and some sneakers. 

After a long day’s work in the community, Hill comes home to take on his most important responsibility to his wife and three boys. Hill hopes to use his platform to not only inspire others to want to give back to their community but also to inspire his boys to grow up as loving, caring, and giving community members.