Program Manager

Elijah Briggs is a Program Manager for STRYV365, bringing a wealth of experience from his background as a teacher and a person with diverse talents.

Elijah's journey, born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, reflects his commitment to personal and professional growth. As a former athlete, he dedicated four years to playing football at Riverside University High School, showcasing his determination and skills. His hard work earned him a scholarship to Ellsworth Community College, where he continued his football career as a defensive back for a year. Subsequently, he received another scholarship to the University of Northern Iowa, where he played football for two years.

Returning to Milwaukee after his time at Northern Iowa, Elijah pursued his degree in Human Services, with a minor in Psychology. Over the past six years, he has been actively involved in the field of education, making a positive impact as an educator.

Elijah's decision to join STRYV365 is rooted in his desire to directly contribute to the community and drive progress in social-emotional learning. We are confident that his passion, dedication, and diverse experiences will greatly enrich our team and help us achieve our goals.