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STRYV365 can customize our program for your youth-serving organization.
Here are some examples of what we are currently offering:

YMCA Milwaukee andKettle Moraine

Our partnership with these YMCAs include Director-level training on the importance of intersectionality, how our COPE framework provides meaningful and impactful elationships with youth, and how Adverse Childhood Experiences affect a child’s brain development, learning, emotions, and behaviors.

Howard Fuller Collegiate Academy

At HFCA, we implement an after school program three days a week for two hours for young male scholars during the Fall of 2021 and young women scholars in the Spring of 2022.

Milwaukee Area Technical College

We provide sport-specific training on our COPEframework for MATC’s collegiate athletes and their coaches.

Milwaukee School of Engineering

We provide a wide range of services at MSOE. Faculty and staff leadership at MSOE receive diversity and inclusion training and assistance with prioritizing their student-centeredobjectives. We also train MSOE students and Resident Assistants to manage student life in and out of the dormitories. Incoming first-year students participating in the MSOE summer bridge program at Carter Academy also benefit from the STRYV365 program by learning our CRAFT behavior change process to prepare them for campus life.

Milwaukee Academy of Science

STRYV365 serves 4th, 5th, and 6th graders as part of the MAS Physical Education curriculum. These scholars engage in cooperative activities that build social and emotional skills and improve the resiliency necessary to navigate life challenges as they grow into successful adults.

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